MAN Swindon


Robust, reliable, pulling power - on and off-road

Built to work and keep on working, even in the toughest conditions, the TGS is the truck for heavy-duty construction and public service applications. With its unrivalled versatile wheel and drive formula it can deliver heavy loads to virtually any location safely and economically. Even if the destination is off the beaten track or can only be accessed via a grass or gravel track. Permanent all-wheel drive or selectable front-wheel drive, with MAN HydroDrive® technology, ensures excellent traction even on muddy tracks, unsurfaced roads and slippery inclines. High-torque engines and the semi-automatic MAN TipMatic® gearbox, with on-road and off-road gears, ensure the operator is always in control.

  • Payloads from 18 to 44 tonnes with two, three, or four-axle configurations

  • Engine and gearbox combinations up to 8x8 all-wheel-drive

  • Practical hole pattern makes substructure mounting quick and simple

  • Ample space behind cab for add-on components, such as crane loaders

  • Easy to extend and convert - no need to drill additional holes